Branch Automation

More and more users are bringing personal devices and expect a quality service while many of those services are moving to the cloud.

Hence, IT has the arduous task of enabling application access while ensuring application policy within a shrinking operating budget. The integrated services router and virtual CPE emerged to solve these challenges. However, they introduce new management complexity.

That is where Anuta Networks NCX comes in.

Branch Automation

Branch Automation Challenges:

  • Need to ensure user experience and security for accessing applications hosted in cloud and data center.

  • High OPEX due to expensive MPLS backbone connection and frequent policy updates.

  • Need to on-board new branches quickly.

  • Need to roll-out new applications and policies quickly at scale.

  • Troubleshooting branch related issues is very difficult due to lack of documentation, tools and support processes.

NCX Solution:

  • Delivers policy designer that simplifies policy definition for VPN, IPS, Firewall, Proxy, WAN Op, Identity Based Policies, Cloud Web Security.

  • Introduces self-service and provisions advanced Cisco iWAN features such as DMVPN, Application Visibility, Policy Based Routing, Performance Routing and minimizes overall OPEX.

  • Provides Zero Touch Deployment (ZTD) that brings up branches quickly.

  • Includes distributed server and agent architecture that enables policy deployment at scale.

  • Provides service to device mapping, real-time health check and threshold based alerts that simplify troubleshooting effort.

Anuta Networks NCX

NCX is an industry leading software solution designed to deliver complete network service orchestration for medium to large enterprise campus, branch, retail, and data center networks by leveraging both physical and virtual devices across multi-vendor network infrastructure. Click to learn more