Reap the rewards of realistic SDN

Software Defined Networking (SDN) is a popular buzz word in “ IT – Networking “ world today, but it is also very confusing as there are no official standards that define it. SDN gained such attention because it promises the same level of agility to network infrastructure that is already available for server and storage infrastructure. The network agility improves overall efficiency, productivity and has direct impact on revenue, CapEx and OpeX.

Most of the SDN solutions in the market have many disadvantages when considered for the real world deployment – especially, in Data Centers where all the business critical applications are hosted.

(a) Open Flow SDN: Is unproven and requires significant CapEx from customers to rip-and-replace the devices to enable OpenFlow. In addition, as Open Flow itself is an evolving protocol, it lacks several key features required in an enterprise network.

(b) Overlay SDN: This solution introduces brand new concepts to networking that are “ operationally “ challenging. In addition, the solution assumes customers have completely “virtual network appliances” such as virtual firewall and virtual load-balancers etc. This assumption is very far from reality.

(c) Vendor Specific SDN: The solution forces customers to buy all the network devices from the same vendor regardless of whether the devices are “best-of-breed” in the industry or not. In a large scale network, where SDN is very much needed, the approach of using single vendor devices for the entire network infrastructure is not realistic.

This is where Anuta Networks nCloudX stands out to provide “ Realistic SDN “!!

Anuta Networks solution delivers the full network agility that customers are looking for in an existing network infrastructure:

• First, unlike OpenFlow SDN, Anuta nCloudX doesn’t require customers to rip-n-replace any of the network devices.
• Second, the solution does not assume that all the network devices are virtual appliances. Instead, Anuta nCloudX delivers network agility for both physical and virtual devices.
• Third, the solution supports multiple vendors and hence, customers are free to choose the “best-of-breed” devices or the specific vendor device that suits their need. Click here for the complete supported vendor device list.

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