Planning for a Private Cloud?

Whether you are planning to build a private cloud or in the process of building one, you need to consider the following:

1.Service Delivery SLA: Once you start to offer cloud based services to your internal customers, the level of expectation raises considerably within the organization. It starts with delivering the services on-time. Within the IT organization due to server and storage virtualization, the required amount of compute power and storage capacity can be delivered almost instantaneously. As a networking team, do you have the right solution to match the high SLA standard set by server and storage teams to deliver the requested network service on-demand?

2.Changes to Service: In your private cloud environment how easy it is for your customers to make changes to their network service. For example, if a firewall rule needs to be updated or a real-server needs to be added in load-balancer, can they do it by themselves or does your IT – Networking team need to be involved for every little change? If deep involvement is needed from the IT team, is that a scalable option for your business?

3.Service Management SLA: If you have a failure within your private cloud, be a link or device failure or port / interface errors, do you have the right solution to pin-point and state with confidence that these are the applications or tenants that are affected by a given failure? How easy it is for you to narrow down the problem quickly within a multi-tenant environment?

4.Network Service Capacity:Server and Storage virtualization sends out alerts upon reaching certain threshold levels. This would enable server and storage administrators to take proactive steps to avert a potential problem that would otherwise affect the service delivery. Similarly, do you have threshold based alert mechanisms when a specific network device reaches its capacity in terms of VLANs, IP Subnets, Firewall contexts, load-balancer contexts, software licenses for virtual appliances, and so on?

5.Cloud Portals: If Server and Storage teams are using a specific type of portal such as VMWare’s vCloud Director (vCD), OpenStack etc, how are you planning to achieve network service orchestration? In the vCloud Director environment, how are you planning to automate the network pools, external networks, virtual appliance (virtual firewall and load-balancer) policy configuration changes etc?

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