Can you deliver network services on demand?

On-Demand service delivery is a proven successful model in all walks of life. You can deliver coffee on-demand (Starbucks), books on-demand (Kindle) and entertainment on-demand (DVR) etc. With regard to Cloud and Data Centers, you can deliver compute and storage on-demand easily as well. However, on-demand delivery of network services is still an elusive dream for many IT administrators.

To be fair, the network is extremely complex. A typical data center contains multiple layers (Core, Distribution, Access etc) of switches, routers, firewalls and load-balancers from multiple vendors each with its own OS, Features and API.

Anuta nCloudX is the perfect solution to deliver network services on-demand. With nCloudX, cloud and data center administrators can design and offer catalog of network services to customers. Up on a request for a specific network service type, nCloudX builds virtual networks across the existing L2-L7 multi-vendor networks on-demand within minutes. The solution uses best practices and automates the entire network service orchestration resulting in faster service delivery, compliance and better resource utilization. Anuta nCloudX integrates with industry leading CloudOS such as OpenStack, CloudStack, vCD and Microsoft SCVMM and any homegrown portals via its comprehensive REST API.

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