Thought about Self-Served Networking?

Enterprise IT – Networking team creates the necessary infrastructure to host business applications. Quite often, the application team that originally requested certain type of network infrastructure wants changes to their part of the network.

For instance, when a new application server is added to an existing server farm, the firewall and load-balancers policies will have to be modified. The application team needs to co-ordinate with network security and server load-balancer teams. The process of co-ordination between multiple teams introduces a costly delay and creates unneeded friction between the different teams. This is where Anuta Networks “ Self-Served Networking “ would help!

Anuta Networks solution allows the application teams or end customers to modify the properties of the firewall such as firewall rules, the properties of load-balancers such as create/update/delete real-servers etc, and other networking parameters in a self-serve manner.

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